The Washington Times - October 22, 2008, 07:35PM

Ralph Friedgen didn’t have much to say about cornerback Kevin Barnes, deferring instead to tomorrow.

Barnes injured his left shoulder on Saturday, and is out for Saturday’s game officially —- and probably a bit longer than that.


Now, will there be official word any sooner than, say, Sunday? That’s iffy. We could find out tomorrow when Maryland’s injury report comes out after practice. Since the two categories Barnes could fall into are “out for the season” and “out,” that means either something bad will be learned or nothing at all will.

Things are otherwise pretty quiet. Ralph re-iterated he’s taking a very positive approach this week heading into the N.C. State game. With this team, who knows what will work and what won’t?

I’ll have more in a bit, but a drive back to D1scourse headquarters in Glen Burnie beckons.

—- Patrick Stevens