The Washington Times - October 23, 2008, 07:01PM

There’s certain points in the season where it just feels right to take care of some housekeeping matters.

There are details that slip through the cracks, things that are worth asking about but are usually a little further down the list on most days. When you’re limited to a couple questions —- plus perhaps a zany question upon request —- you pick and choose wisely.


But I was reminded again of an important piece of business this week when I saw safety Dominique Herald in the team house.

Herald, you might recall, was suspended for camp and the opening game, then didn’t travel to Middle Tennessee. He hoped to redshirt and sat out the California game, but injuries prompted coach Ralph Friedgen to toss him in on kickoff coverage against Eastern Michigan.

By the end of his first game of the year, Herald had a torn ACL. And no he’s left to hope he’ll be granted a redshirt by the NCAA when he begins that process later this year.

“I would hope so,” Friedgen said. “I would really hope so. He essentially played two kickoffs and tore his knee up. I think he’ll apply for it. It usually takes forever. We’ll see. Who knows what they go on?”

Herald’s injury came in the fourth game of the season, so it’s not like it was quite in Jason Goode territory in 2004 when he got hurt after playing in a game in the middle of October. But it is a situation worth keeping an eye on —- even if there probably won’t be an official word on it for months.

—- Patrick Stevens