The Washington Times - October 23, 2008, 03:12PM

One particularly funny bit from the Patriot League media day caught my eye.

And that would be the league’s preseason all-conference team and its overall size. Or lack thereof.


There’s 5-11 Andrew Brown from Lafayette, 5-11 Garrison Carr of American, 5-11 Marquis Hall from Lehigh, 6-2 Chris Harris of Navy and 5-9 Derrick Mercer from American.

As one coach pointed out, none of those players even try to score in the paint.

This is no knock on these guys; I’ve seen Carr, Hall and Mercer in person and watched Harris on TV. They can all play, even if Hall endured a rough day when Lehigh visited Comcast Center last year. Just ask Maryland what it thinks of Carr and Mercer, who helped torpedo the Terps just before Christmas last year.

But if you’re going to come up with an an all-league team, shouldn’t you attempt to trot out a lineup you would deploy at a level beyond a small, rural high school (of the sort I attended, actually)? Especially in the preseason, when there isn’t the evidence to say “These five guards are undeniably the league’s best players”?

That’s not to say there should be a plodding big man on every all-conference team; they’re an endangered species. But chances are most teams start someone who is at least 6-6, and a preseason team should probably reflect that reality.

—- Patrick Stevens