The Washington Times - October 28, 2008, 09:07AM

Look, I don’t claim to possess encylopedic knowledge of any sport’s rulebook.

But I have serious doubts that I saw a safety in yesterday’s Maryland JV football game against Fork Union (won by the Terrapins 16-7).


Yet there was Quinton McCree fumbling on about the Fork Union 30, a mad scramble for possession ensuing and somehow a penalty being called in the end zone.

I’ve seen safeties, either in person or on TV, for holding or intentional grounding penalties in the end zone. This was, well, bizarre —- and might have made the two hours out in the rain worthwhile.

Actually, there were other highlights, which I’ll get to here in the next hour. But if there’s any rules expert out there who can explain anything remotely resembling this scenario, I’d be more than open to hearing about it.

—- Patrick Stevens