The Washington Times - October 3, 2008, 09:00AM

I’d love to be able to pass along the links for the day.

But, in yet another technical snafu, I can’t insert links into the blog today. Or edit HTML. Or copy-and-paste any text. I’m not sure if it’s the website or the new laptop, but it just started last night


This, needless to say, makes it a little bit difficult to actually accomplish much of anything. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.

Anyway, this will be done the old-fashioned way today: Actually typing out the web address. And no, this isn’t going to last very long.

In our dead-tree edition, I took a look at the turnovers Maryland created over the last two games. The back-to-back three-turnover games from the Terrapins defense is only the third time they’ve achieved that since 2002.

The Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell looks at Obi Egekeze ‘s emergence from his recent slump and how other kickers helped him out

Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun writes about rivalries.,0,2201024.story

That’s about as many links as I’m typing out this morning.

—- Patrick Stevens (