The Washington Times - October 4, 2008, 09:08AM

It’s a travel day, so after two or three posts here in the morning things will go quiet for a few hours.

That’s OK. Y’all probably have yard work or kids’ soccer games to go to (or hangovers to nurse, whatever the case may be).


Anyway, here’s what could be found across Al Gore’s Invention this morning.

In an online/e-edition-only story, I took a peek at how Maryland has reversed its season in the last four weeks. From 1-1 and coming off an ugly loss at Middle Tennessee, the Terps could somehow be 5-1 heading into their first bye if they win tonight at Virginia.

Some guys thoroughly believed it could happen. Others, in retrospect, admitted some doubt. A few were sharp enough to play it down the middle.

“Statistically, no,” center Edwin Williams said. “But I’m an optimistic person so I would have to say yes.”

It’s OK not to acknowledge serious concerns about that situation if you concede just about anyone else’s worries would be completely understandable.

Yet here Maryland sits in as favorable a position as it could hope for —- given that it can beat Virginia.

* The Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Barker looks at linebacker Alex Wujciak‘s return from injury.

Down in Virginia…

* The Cavaliers are banged up according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Jeff White.

* The Charlottesville Daily Progress’ Jerry Ratcliffe says much of Virginia’s problems start at quarterback.

* Virginia could use all the support it can get —- but who knows if that will happen even with the school’s ban on signs taken away, writes the Roanoke Times’ Doug Doughty.

—- Patrick Stevens