The Washington Times - October 5, 2008, 11:05AM

Just arrived back at D1scourse headquarters in Glen Burnie, and this weekend’s trip has left me with a single resolution to take through the rest of the season.

Nothing —- absolutely nothing —- will even remotely surprise me  the rest of this season.


I had no clue how true it was when I said told multiple people —- friends, reporters, even a Maryland player or two —- that the Terps were fully capable of beating or losing to anyone left on their schedule by a 35-7 margin.

Now, 31-0 is a different matter. But not by much.

All jokes aside, the only two things that would be stunning at this point would be to see Maryland either lose the rest of its games or win the rest of its games. It’s too erratic to be either utterly abysmal or thoroughly dominant. But everything else is in play.

That’s what happens when you have a tendency not to show up for quarters, halves and even games at a time.

Look at it any way you want. Here’s what the Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell wrote. And here’s a take from the Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Barker.

No one, though, is going to come up with a good explanation for this. At least that isn’t a surprise, too.

—- Patrick Stevens