The Washington Times - October 5, 2008, 05:37PM

Just got done filing a dead-tree edition story. Here are the major snippets.

* The offensive breakdowns last night have been worse than originally anticipated.


Coach Ralph Friedgen said the offensive line made 14 mental errors, the wideouts committed seven mental errors and the running backs rolled up six mental errors.

That’s 27 mental errors in 55 offensive plays. And unless I’m making a mental error, that comes out to nearly a miscue for every two snaps. No wonder they couldn’t score.

* Maryland will resume practice on Wednesday. From the sounds of things, it will be a mix of trying to stay healthy and getting better, which are both noble goals. How Maryland pulls that off this week will be tricky.

* Look for Nolan Carroll to finally be back after the bye. He was out running yesterday and seems to be in decent shape. The Terps could use the junior cornerback back, pronto.

* Mack Frost came out of yesterday’s game in less pain than a week earlier. The senior defensive end started for the first time in three weeks, and appears to be progressing past his knee injury.

* Nicks and bruises and head injuries from yesterday: Linebacker Chase Bullock (concussion) and right tackle Dane Randolph (high ankle sprain).

* Tomorrow’s JV game will apparently be open. So you can count on me being there to get a look at Jamarr Robinson, Tony Logan and a whole lot of offensive linemen. More on the JV game and the young offensive linemen later.

* OK, one offensive line note now: Friedgen said it looks like redshirt freshman Tyler Bowen (foot) won’t play this year.

“I’m wondering if he’ll ever be well,” Friedgen said. “I was hoping to have him back by midseason. Doesn’t look like that will happen. He’ll be out two years.”

More to come later.

—- Patrick Stevens