The Washington Times - October 6, 2008, 10:50AM

Well, there are a couple leftovers in today’s papers looking at Maryland’s 31-0 loss to Virginia.

I was struck as I listened to Ralph Friedgen‘s post-game press conference with a sense of deja vu when he talked about his message not always getting through to his team.


The reason was because he brought up the same possibility in bad times (Middle Tennessee) and in good (California) earlier this season.

So are the Terps tuning out their old-school coach? Well, not all the time, as Friedgen pointed out yesterday. Maybe it’s appropriate that a team that can’t consistently play at a single level has a coach that can’t consistently push all the right motivational buttons.

Yet it’s clearly a troubling problem, and the fact Friedgen has brought it up right after three of the last five games (when he is typically at his most emotional and least filtered) shows he’s seriously concerned about it, too.

Meanwhile, the Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Barker looks at the mistakes that were costly on Saturday.

—- Patrick Stevens