The Washington Times - October 6, 2008, 08:15PM

A quick injury note: Redshirt freshman Maurice Hampton injured his left leg and was carried off late in the Maryland JV game. Coach Ralph Friedgen said Hampton had been nursing an ankle injury of late.

Here’s a couple other quick takes from Ralph…


[On Jamarr Robinson]: “I thought Jamarr played well. I knew there was going to be some pressure on him at times just because those guys, I’m surprised they knew the protections if you want to know the truth. The biggest thing is you can’t throw interceptions in the red zone. That took points off the board and we have to learn not to do that.”

[On Derek Drummond]: “I was really happy to see Drummond get a couple sacks. He was in my office last week and I said we were trying to see what kind of pass rush he could give. He had a chance to show something today. That’s a positive thing.”

[On Morgan Green and Rashad Henry]: “I thought this was good experience for Morgan. He had a chance to play in a game situation. The guy that kind of impressed me was Henry. His problem is i you could just hand him the ball all the time he’d be in pretty good shape. He has pass pickups and things like that [he struggles with]. He can run.”

[On the result of the day]: “The biggest thing is they didn’t have a dread on for it. They went out and had some fun, and that was what it was designed all about [along with] getting some experience. Like I said, these kids are out here all the time getting the heck beat out of them with nothing to look forward to. I think now they have a taste of it, they’ll all want to play in the next one.”

[On Cameron Chism, who had an interception]: “Chism did some good things. We already used him in games, so it’s time to get him in. We had [Demetrius] Hartsfield here, and I think he’s going to have to play. We had him on the sideline in case we needed him. I just didn’t want to burn his redshirt in a JV game. He really could have used the work, too, because now that [Ben] Pooler is down I think he’s going to have to play for us.”

—- Patrick Stevens