The Washington Times - October 6, 2008, 08:00PM

It seemed like the JV game could be instructive in where the likes of Jamarr Robinson and Tony Logan were in their development.

What was surprising was just how funny certain things were.


A graduate assistant got a bath of ice water as the final seconds of a 20-7 victory ended.

There was offensive coordinator James Franklin dashing 15 yards to call a timeout at the end of the first half to set up a field goal. The attempt was wide, but it hardly mattered. Franklin definitely got a workout in.

It’s probably a good thing Franklin is confined to the box upstairs on game day. Toss him into the on-field mix with Chris Cosh and Dave Sollazzo and there would probably be coaching collisions throughout the day.

The on-field humor extended to hearing North Carolina Tech’s coach bellowing at officials from across the field —- and seeing the glances from some folks on Maryland’s sideline at being able to so clearly discern what he had to say.

An underrated laugh: Watching an extra point kick bounce off a Sizzor lift onto the top of the practice field fence before falling outside the facility —- and seeing the team managers who really didn’t want to run all the way out and around in a bit of dramatic anguish as their lives went from easy to difficult in the bounce of a ball.

I’d also say no Maryland player got more praise from the travel roster than Obum Akunyili, who switched over to defensive line for the day and was especially effective. Given the tendency for the offensive and defensive linemen who play every week to be a bit, uh, boisterous, it was probably not a big surprise Akunyili received so many cheers.

—- Patrick Stevens