The Washington Times - October 6, 2008, 01:23PM

The AP poll came out yesterday, and it included North Carolina.

Um, for what?


For beating a subpar Rutgers team on the road (a victory that looks to be worth as much as a Continental dollar more and more each day)?

For edging a 2-3 Miami team on the road on a miracle final play?

For trouncing an overrated Connecticut team at home (a UConn team, I might add, was No. 22 in this set of rankings last week with the caveat “remain skeptical”)

This is the point where it’s worthwhile to say that even though the Tar Heels are better, are they really that much better – especially with a backup quarterback keeping the seat warm for the injured T.J. Yates.

The truth is a 4-1 UNC team with Yates belongs about 5-8 spots higher than one without him. And that’s why Carolina checks in just inside the top 30 this week.

By the way, only one team (South Florida) is impacted by the adjustment of an overtime game in these rankings. The OT escape at Central Florida is the reason Kansas somehow hops over the Bulls despite the Jayhawks’ head-to-head loss.

Other head-to-head influences include Vanderbilt nosing over Florida by virtue of performance vs. Ole Miss; California over Michigan State; and Georgia Tech edging North Carolina because it lost narrowly to Virginia Tech in Blacksburg rather than at home.

No./TeamAdj. record 
Notable Wins/Head-to-Head
1. Oklahoma
5-011* TCU and Cincinnati (H)
2. Alabama6-022* Clemson (N) and Georgia (A)
3. Missouri
5-034* Illinois (N) and Nebraska (A)
4. Louisiana State
4-043* Auburn (A)
5. Texas5-055* Colorado (A)
6. Southern California 
3-187* Ohio State and Oregon (H)
7. Penn State
6-066* Oregon State and Illinois (H)
8. Texas Tech
5-078* They sure can score a lot
9. Ohio State
5-11213* Wisconsin (A); lost at USC
10. Brigham Young
5-099* Feels slightly overrated
11. Georgia
4-11012* Home loss to Alabama
12. Utah6-01414* Michigan (A)
13. Boise State
4-01515* Oregon (A)
14. Vanderbilt
5-01328* Auburn (H) and Ole Miss (A)
15. Florida
4-11116* Home loss to Ole Miss looks worse
16. Virginia Tech
5-11818* Nebraska and UNC (A); lost to ECU (N)
17. Auburn4-22010* Lost to LSU (H) and Vanderbilt (A)
18. Tulsa
5-02720* 56.4 ppg
19. Kansas
4-11617* Loss at South Florida
20. California4-129 
NR* Michigan State (H); lost at Maryland
21. South Florida
4-1-11911* Kansas (H); OT win at UCF; loss to Pitt
22. Michigan State
5-12325* Loss at California
23. Northwestern
5-02230* Best start since 1962
24. Wake Forest
3-12126* Florida State (A); lost to Navy (H)
25. Ball State
6-02529* Still winning despite loss of WR Love
26. Oklahoma State
5-017NR* Pokes get Missouri on Saturday
27. Texas Christian
4-13127* Loss to Oklahoma (A)
28. Wisconsin3-22621* Losses to Michigan (A) and Ohio St. (H)
29. Georgia Tech
4-132NR* Loss at Virginia Tech
30. North Carolina
4-122NR* Loss to Va. Tech (H); beat UConn (H)

Patrick Stevens