The Washington Times - October 6, 2008, 08:33PM

While walking into Maryland‘s JV game, one of the first things that struck me was the presence of Haroon Brown on the field.

I wondered why the sophomore would be out there when it would cost him a game down the road. Then I realized I hadn’t seen him at all in Saturday’s loss at Virginia.


Maryland never had a goal-line situation, and it never attempted a field goal or PAT (a unit Brown plays on).

So there the burly fullback, getting in some work with a whole lot of others. Among the guys who dressed included:

OFFENSE: 3-LaQuan Williams, 5-Morgan Green, 11-Jamarr Robinson, 16-Rashad Henry, 25-Dan Bonato, 30-Haroon Brown, 36-Taylor Watson, 45-Tommy Galt, 46-Steven Pfister, 57-Matt Harraka, 61-Lee Oliver, 65-Danny Edwards, 66-Maurice Hampton, 68-Bearthur Johnson, 73-Stephen St. John, 78-Andrew Gonnella, 79-Kyle Sappington, 83-Emani Lee-Odai, 85-Tony Logan, 87-Webb Dulin, 88-Quinton McCree

DEFENSE: 15-Austin Walker, 19-Femi Akinwande, 21-Trenton Hughes, 22-Drew Robinson, 32-Brandon Jackson-Mills, 37-Cameron Chism, 47-Jeff Clement, 50-Ricardo Dacosta, 51-Aaron Ball, 52-Alex Schultz, 53-Hakeem Sule, 56-Deege Galt, 58-Derek Drummond, 73-Obum Akunyili, 93-Ian Davidson, 95-Chris Rhodes

SPECIAL TEAMS: 21-Nick Wallace, 64-Tim Downs, 81-David May

A quick count says that’s 40 (one more than 39), and it doesn’t include a punter (who presumably was Ted Townsley) and a couple walk-ons who have not been included on rosters distributed to the media yet. But that list still includes just about everyone who received a look today.

—- Patrick Stevens