The Washington Times - October 7, 2008, 08:52AM

Tuesday dead-tree editions are typically slow with regard to Maryland football news.

In a bye week, they’re even slower.


So even though the Terrapins don’t get much time to rest (according to the Diamondback’s Eric Detwiler), it’s the closest thing I’ll see to a slow period from the start of August to the middle of December. Gotta take it when it comes.

Soon, the basketball-football crossover begins, and time starts coming at a premium. So things will be a little slower (i.e. closer to five entries a day rather than 10) around here at times this week, but there will still be some basketball tidbits and a rundown from football practice tomorrow. Plus, look for a midseason stats breakdown later in the week.

More to come in a little bit.

—- Patrick Stevens