The Washington Times - October 8, 2008, 05:19PM

Most people read methodically, from left to right, and generally pick up the meaning of what they’re looking at.

Unfortunately, sometimes I start in the middle of a page and don’t bother to double back, which has a way of being confusing.


Such as just now when I saw the end of a headline that head “fires off. coordinator Franklin.” Needless to say, that was a bit of a stunner since I just saw Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin working with the team’s quarterbacks a few minutes ago.

Turns out, this was Tony Franklin from Auburn who was dismissed. And like Maryland’s Franklin, Tony Franklin was in his first season.

From the looks of things, this was just a poor match; Franklin came to a team accustomed to a grind-it-out style and installed a spread offense. And it didn’t work. Which is another piece of evidence to toss out that just because the spread can work (and has worked fabulously for some folks), it isn’t a guaranteed panacea —- just ask Auburn and its 103rd-ranked scoring offense.

The bigger picture is that it’s crazy for a coordinator to be jettisoned just seven games, which just goes to show the increasing disposability of any coaches in today’s game.

But just one last clarification, coming from a Maryland beat writer: The Terps’ Franklin remains in the job.

—- Patrick Stevens