The Washington Times - October 9, 2008, 09:12AM

No matter what anyone thinks of offensive coordinator James Franklin‘s playcalling, he remains a pretty savvy operator when chatting with ink-stained wretches.

I asked Franklin yesterday about quarterback Josh Portis and what the status of the Portis Experiment is at the season’s midpoint, in part to get an inside response to this breakdown from yesterday.


He got into a solid answer, though only after providing a slick non-answer that generated some laughs. But this is a good analysis.

“I think the biggest thing is there’s still enough promise there and hope there that it’s worth investing in. It really is,” Franklin said. “I think his development as a quarterback —- I don’t know if this package is doing it, but we’re trying to take advantage of his athleticism. His development as a quarterback is happening in practice. I’ve been pretty pleased with that. It’s still the game management and things like that.”

Sounds like not much has changed since the start of the season. But it’s still worth wondering if Maryland is getting closer to using Portis in any different way.

From the sounds of things, no —- though Franklin said the outcomes of Portis’ 38 snaps do not necessarily reflect the collective intent of those plays.

“The thing that’s interesting is there have been plays that have been called that have been less predictable than you guys think,” Franklin said. “For whatever reason, when those passes and other things have been called, somebody jumps offsides or something happens and then you never get to see that. Things are not always as they appear from the outside.”

—- Patrick Stevens