The Washington Times - September 10, 2008, 07:29PM

It’s nice and quiet outside Gossett right now, a beautiful night in College Park.

It seems like everyone here would just like Saturday to arrive.


Travis Ivey probably wants next week to come soon, too.

The junior defensive tackle is out with a broken foot suffered early in camp. And his timetable for return was already pushed back a couple times.

Last time Ralph Friedgen said anything, the target was the Sept. 27 visit to Clemson. Is it still?

“We’re hoping,” Friedgen said, not exactly sounding convincing in the process. “To me, if he’s going to make Clemson, he’s probably got to do something next week.”

So mark down Ivey as someone I’ll keep an eye out for during practice heading into Eastern Michigan.

Another morsel: It seems like everyone wants to pin Ralph into making some changes. And aside from the one an injury forced him to make (Antwine Perez for Terrell Skinner at free safety), he seems set to stay the course this week.

One tweak he did reveal today was slipping Dan Gronkowski into the kickoff return team at a tight end position.

In case anyone’s wondering, here’s how that unit has looked (personnel-wise) in the first two weeks. Given Skinner’s high ankle sprain, there are probably two tweaks coming to the kickoff return:

89-Furstenburg/38-Jackson/45-T. Galt
82-T. Smith

—- Patrick Stevens