The Washington Times - September 13, 2008, 10:35PM

A team any Maryland fan should keep an eye on for the rest of the season is Middle Tennessee.

Certainly, the Terps would like to forget about the Blue Raiders. But Middle Tennessee gave Kentucky a good run —- right down to the final play —- on the road tonight before falling 20-14.


Now, the Wildcats aren’t quite as they were the last two years with Andre Woodson under center. But they’re certainly respectable —- and 3-0 after surviving the utterly inexplicable choice of trying to kick a field goal in the closing seconds. Naturally, it was blocked, and gave the Blue Raiders a chance to win.

The point of this: Maybe Middle Tennessee is a bit better than anyone gave it credit for. Now, that doesn’t absolve Maryland of a poor performance last week. But if the Blue Raiders turn out to be decent, then maybe that lousy day doesn’t look as bad in retrospect as it could be viewed.

—- Patrick Stevens