The Washington Times - September 16, 2008, 07:58AM

As usual, the Tuesday dead-tree editions don’t have much today.

That’s mainly because there’s  no access to players and coaches on Mondays. So it sort of constitutes a day off (yeah, right) and at least provides an obvious time to do things like go to the grocery store or send a couple loads of laundry through the washer and dryer.


If you’re a reporter at a college paper, that isn’t the case (I suppose it could be, but it’s not an obvious day off). And if you print five days a week like the Diamondback and the weekly schedule is backloaded with games, well, you have to fill up the Tuesday paper somehow.

So that’s why the ole’ DBK is a steady presence in these Tuesday links.

Beat writer Eric Detwiler takes a look at how much different Chris Turner was Saturday than a week earlier.

More coming later in the day. Gotta work on a feature for tomorrow that is fortunately not dependent on trying to tie together something meaningful out of what comes out of today. Because aside from an injury update (maybe), it seems unlikely we’ll hear too much of note this afternoon.

—- Patrick Stevens