The Washington Times - September 17, 2008, 11:27AM

Virginia coach Al Groh wins this week’s award for unintentional hilarity.

Or maybe it was meant to be funny. It certainly made me laugh when he opened up his 10 minutes on the ACC teleconference.


“We don’t have much to brag about in the near-past and we don’t have much going on in the near future on Saturday,” Groh said. “We don’t have all that much interesting that’s going on.”

Well, not much interesting that he’s going to talk about, anyway. Quarterback Peter Lalich‘s troubles with Johnny Law did not come up.

Later, Groh was asked about beating a I-AA team and losing to a pair of I-A teams heading into a week off.

“We have one disappointing loss to a I-A team and one disappointing loss to a loss to a team that’s on another level in college football, it looks like,” Groh said.

Can’t argue with him there, even if it isn’t laugh-out-loud funny.

—- Patrick Stevens