The Washington Times - September 23, 2008, 09:53AM

TheOsbyShow was this week’s D1scourse Challenge winner and got a question in late last night.

And it’s on a great topic: Fullbacks.


OK, so it’s not something everyone gets excited about. But fullbacks are generally direct guys who enjoy playing as much as anyone. Since they’re basically human battering rams, you’d hope they are having fun.

Anyway, here’s the question from the mailbag:

“With fan favorite Cory Jackson’s strong performance against Cal still fresh in the minds of Terps fans, how about looking back at some of the (relatively) unheralded backs in Maryland history? Namely, the fullbacks who paved the way for the Da’Rel Scotts and Bruce Perrys. Best, worst, most memorable, etc.

Hmm, how about we do this as a recent history lesson. Like from, say, 1998 to present? That way, I know what I’m talking about and there is still a decent cross-section to choose from.

One of the most unheralded players of the Ron Vanderlinden years was Matt Kalapinski, who started 33 games. James Lynch (who had a 65-yard touchdown run at Florida State in 2001) and Chad Killian split time in 2001 and 2002, and Bernie Fiddler and Maurice Smith played there in 2003.

The fullback wasn’t used nearly as much in ‘04 (Smith started a couple times), and Ricardo Dickerson and Tim Cesa took turns starting in 2005. Cesa was effective for much of the ‘06 season, but his career-ending concussion helped elevate Cory Jackson into the starting role.

Don’t want to forget to mention Haroon Brown, the R&B Fullback himself. Besides being instantly recognizable —- there aren’t many 5-foot-10, 257-pounders running around the practice field or the team house —- he’s yet another character at a position that seems to draw them.

And right now, Maryland is in its best shape at the position since Ralph’s first few seasons. The Terps have two legitimate guys to use there. For a couple years, it was pretty close to zero.

In honor of Maryland’s fullbacks, here’s a full list of the touchdowns they’ve scored since 1998:

* 1998, Matt Kalapinski 1 run vs. James Madison
* 1998, Kenny Rogers 4 run at Virginia
* 1998, Kalapinski 1 run at West Virginia
* 1998, Kalapinski 2 run at West Virginia
* 1998, Kalapinski 3 pass from Randall Jones at Duke

* 1999, Kalapinski 8 pass from Calvin McCall vs. West Virginia
* 1999, Kalapinski 1 run at Georgia Tech
* 1999, Kalapinski 2 run vs. North Carolina
* 1999, Kalapinski 6 run vs. North Carolina

* 2000, Kalapinski 61 pass from McCall at Virginia
* 2000, James Lynch 2 pass from Shaun Hill vs. N.C. State

* 2001, Lynch 14 run vs. Duke
* 2001, Lynch 65 run at Florida State

* 2002, Lynch 1 run vs. Wake Forest

* 2006, Cory Jackson 1 run vs. Purdue in Champs Sports Bowl

* 2007, Jackson 3 run at Wake Forest

—- Patrick Stevens