The Washington Times - September 23, 2008, 08:40AM

Hey, it’s new laptop time! Hopefully, the days of batting a screen just to get it to stop flickering and moving around are over. (And, no, the batting is not a cause of the original problem.)

On to this week’s game between Maryland and Clemson. Yesterday was the nominal day off for media types, though it sure didn’t feel that way.


It wasn’t that was for players, who got started with practice last night. Make no mistake —- No. 20 Clemson very much has the Terps’ attention (and so writes the Diamondback’s Eric Detwiler).

Down at Clemson, the (Columbia) State’s Paul Strelow writes that last year’s Mr. Guarantee, James Davis, is merely promising to be at Memorial Stadium on Saturday.

Larry Williams of the Charleston Post and Courier looks at Clemson’s inexperienced offensive line —- which is now injury-riddled as well.

—- Patrick Stevens