The Washington Times - September 23, 2008, 10:51PM

Got an answer tonight on the meaning of Maryland‘s new helmet stickers.

A yellow sticker is awarded for a player fulfilling his academic responsibilities in a given week.


A red sticker is awarded for a player who produces a winning grade during a game Maryland wins. Effective scout team players are also eligible for stickers for their work in weeks leading into victories, but that criteria was a little more vague.

The red and yellow stickers are placed on different sides of the helmet. This oddly will make it easier to figure out what players have a better chance of landing on one of the program’s infamous lists; it’s going to be pretty obvious who isn’t a titan in the classroom if someone has one yellow sticker come the start of November.

So here’s the basic breakdown. If you’re Ralph Friedgen, you want to see a similar number of stickers on each helmet. Because if you don’t, that means you’re either losing or your players are goofing off with their classwork.

And neither one of those is going to make the big fella happy.

—- Patrick Stevens