The Washington Times - September 24, 2008, 07:27PM

A tertiary question created in Saturday’s rout: Is Morgan Green now a factor for carries?

If this was about five years ago and Ralph Friedgen rotated his tailbacks like Mike Shanahan (otherwise known to many fantasy players as Football Lucifer), then I wouldn’t dare make a call. Guys could have huge days earlier this decade and disappear a couple weeks later. It just happened.


(By the way, one of the main D1scourse rules of fantasy football drafting is never select Denver running backs. Never.)

Anywho, it was worth wondering if Green’s two touchdown runs meant he could etch out a larger role despite the presence of Da’Rel Scott and Davin Meggett.

If he is in the process of doing so, Friedgen isn’t tipping his hand.

“That depends on how we’re doing,” Friedgen said. “I think Morgan’s getting better. I think he’s had a good week of practice. Davin’s done well. I think Da’Rel’s done well. He just hasn’t been hit. That’s the biggest thing we don’t know about that, how he’s going to hold up with that. I thought he looked very quick today.”

So from that, it’s probably fairly safe to surmise the pecking order remains Scott-Meggett-Green. And since there probably aren’t enough carries to go around for three backs unless there’s a rout (not very likely) or Maryland managed to thoroughly dominate possession (it isn’t their M.O.), chances are it’ll be mainly Scott and Meggett on Saturday at Clemson.

—- Patrick Stevens