The Washington Times - September 25, 2008, 07:19PM

Just wanted to fulfill a request from a loyal reader a ways down that probably would have been lost if it wasn’t in a separate post.

So here are the game-by-game offensive line starters for Clemson for every game this season:


Alabama:  LT Chris Hairston, LG Jamarcus Grant, C Thomas Austin, RG Barry Humphries, RT Cory Lambert

The Citadel: LT Hairston, LG David Smith, C Austin, RG Mason Cloy, RT Lambert

N.C. State: LT Lambert, LG Smith, C Austin, RG Cloy, RT Landon Walker

South Carolina State: LT Lambert, LG Smith, C Austin, RG Cloy, RT Walker

This week, it looks like Bobby Hutchinson will slide into the left guard slot in favor of the injured Smith. Grant and Hairston, both opening week starters, are questionable according to the latest on Larry Williams‘ blog at the Charleston Post and Courier.

So that’ll be four different starting lines in five games —- and only one starter from the Alabama game remains in the same spot as he began the season. That’s Austin, who switched from guard to center in the middle of last season.

—- Patrick Stevens