The Washington Times - September 26, 2008, 05:06PM

Single-week injury reports are all well and good, and anyone listed as out for the season is, well, out for the season (as is the case for Kevin Dorsey, Dominique Herald, Ben Pooler and Richard Taylor).

But how about the rest of the guys on Maryland‘s injury list? Well, here’s the info that’s available on each, as well as an ETA on a return:


OUT vs. Clemson:

T Tyler Bowen (broken left foot): The big fella can be seen lumbering in and out of the offensive line meeting room on occasion. He was always a possibility for a midseason return, but he has to get in game shape and actually practice for the first time all year. It’s hard to be optimistic about his chances of helping too much (if at all) this season.

CB Nolan Carroll (left ankle): Maybe the guy who will sit out this week that Maryland needs the most. If he isn’t better by the middle of next week, it might be worth it to sit him a third straight game and let him use the bye week to heal.

OL Joe Faiella (left Achilles tendon): Anything that hinders the ability to either run or put weight on a leg is going to be an issue. So the combination of a guy who wasn’t really in the picture for much playing time to begin with and an injury that has kept him out for seven weeks really isn’t a good one —- for this season, anyway

WR Quinton McCree (leg): This is a new one, so a return date is tough to discern. And since the listing is plenty vague, it could be anything from a hamstring tear to a quadriceps pull to a knee bruise to a foot fracture. At the least, Maryland has to find an extra special teams player this week.

DE Carl Russell (broken foot) and DL Joe Vellano (shoulder): They would have almost certainly redshirted anyway, regardless of injuries.

QB Jordan Steffy (fractured right thumb): Not any sooner than right after the bye week, and that might be a bit optimistic for the Terps’ opening day starter.

WR LaQuan Williams (foot): If other foot injuries are any indication, there’s no reason to expect Williams back until after the bye week.


DE Mack Frost (knee): Another guy whose injuries could shelve him through the bye week. Maryland took care not to aggravate the knee Frost tore up last season, repeatedly giving him the green jersey treatment during camp. Still didn’t work. If he doesn’t play tomorrow, it might be worth it to try and give him another two weeks off and re-assess things when Wake Forest comes to town.


DT Travis Ivey (broken foot): Boy, do the Terps need Ivey back. Frost’s injury has left Maryland thin up front, and Jeremy Navarre isn’t going to hold up playing 70 snaps a game. Ralph Friedgen talked about getting Ivey 15-20 snaps tomorrow, so he looks good to go.

LB Adrian Moten (left wrist): The cast will stick out, but if Moten does play it will be critical for the Terps. In some ways he’s one of the most valuable players on the roster because of his ability to play three linebacker positions, work as a pass rusher in third-and-long situations and perform on several special teams.

TB Da’Rel Scott (left shoulder): The question remains how he will handle being hit on the shoulder he sprained two weeks ago against California. There’s only one way to find out. Expect him to play for as long as the shoulder holds up.

FS Terrell Skinner (ankle): He sat out Thursday, but the junior should be back tomorrow. His return, coupled with Drew Robinson coming back from a dislocated shoulder, realistically puts Maryland three-deep at both safety positions. Now if only the team’s corners could borrow from that depth.

—- Patrick Stevens