The Washington Times - September 27, 2008, 07:56AM

Since this is a trip to Clemson —- where 80,000 or so fans will take one road in and one road out —- you gotta get to the stadium extra-early.

Which means you get your links for the day ultra-early as well.


My online-only, e-edition story is frankly not the most compelling thing you’re going to read about Maryland. But the truth is, this wasn’t an easy week to generate material. Maryland is two weeks removed from an upset, did precisely what was expected of them last week and still hasn’t entirely figured out just what sort of team it is. Today could go a long way to solving that problem.

Fortunately for readers, the Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell has this piece on Da’Rel Scott to provide a more fulfilling read.

The Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Barker writes about the Maryland offense.

As for Clemson…

* Larry Williams of the Charleston Post and Courier says the Tigers are still stinging from the opening week loss to Alabama.

* Columnist Ron Morris of The (Columbia) State looks at just what ails Clemson quarterback Cullen Harper. His conclusion: “Probably nothing.” And he’s probably right.

—- Patrick Stevens