The Washington Times - September 27, 2008, 06:39PM

CLEMSON, S.C. – Today was an example of Clemson being unable to escape its intrinsic, inevitable … well, Clemsonliness.

Every league, it seems, has a team that finds ways to inexplicably lose games it has no business losing on an annual basis. I’d nominate Pittsburgh, Michigan State, Texas A&M, UCLA and probably South Carolina for those honors in the other BCS conferences.


In the ACC, it’s Clemson. So it should come as no surprise that the Tigers lost as a ranked team at home to an unranked opponent for the seventh time since 2000.

Think about that. Seven losses as a ranked team to an unranked opponent. At home. All under Tommy Bowden.

Those boos that Clemson fans were hurling into Death Valley were very much directed at Bowden, who should have a team capable of winning an ACC title but is instead 1-2 against major-college teams as September ends.

Here, of course, is the documentation on all of the Tigers’ humbling home losses under Bowden.

YearOpponentCU rank ScoreOpp. final record
2000Georgia Tech5L, 31-289-3
2001Virginia19L, 26-245-7
2001North Carolina13L, 38-38-5
2004Georgia Tech20L, 28-247-5
2006Maryland19L, 13-129-4
2006South Carolina24L, 31-288-5
2008Maryland20L, 20-17

Ralph Friedgen was involved in three of these losses, for what it’s worth.

To Clemson fans, the real issue is that Bowden was involved in all of them.

Patrick Stevens