The Washington Times - September 29, 2008, 06:51PM

Sorry this took so long. Have been tied up with all sorts of stuff today, including a Dave Philistin feature that should be running tomorrow so long as the area’s Redskins mania can be satisfied with “only” four stories.

OK, I have no idea how much Redskins coverage there will be. But that’s probably not an outlandish guess, given the devotion that exists to that franchise despite its glistening two postseason victories in the last 15 years. (Ed note – That might be more postseason victories than Maryland’s had in the last 15 years; Stevens’ reply – Actually, the Terpies lead that, 3-2)


The befuddlement related to the constant fawning over a franchise in America’s sporting juggernaut notwithstanding, it’s nice to be able to rank the top 30 teams in a sport and not be forced to find a spot for at least one of the following squads: the Cincinnati Bengals, the Oakland Raiders, or the St. Louis Rams.

Instead, the real question of the week is “How far does Southern Cal fall?” I say to No. 7, only because of the lack of quality, tested options behind them.

Here’s this week’s rundown. As always, overtime results are treated as ties, and head-to-head performance is significant as well. I’m not sure an argument exists at this time to rank Fresno State over Wisconsin, or Ohio State over Southern Cal, or Oregon over Boise State. It just wouldn’t make any sense.

No./TeamAdj. record 
Notable Wins/Head-to-Head
1. Oklahoma
4-012* TCU and Cincinnati (H)
2. Alabama5-028* Clemson (N) and Georgia (A)
3. Louisiana State
4-033* Auburn  (A)
4. Missouri4-045* Illinois (N)
5. Texas4-057* 49.5 ppg
6. Penn State
5-069* Oregon State and Illinois (H)
7. Southern California 
2-191* Ohio State (H)
8. Texas Tech
4-0710* They sure can score a lot
9. Brigham Young
4-0811* Washington (A) and UCLA (H)
10. Auburn4-11313* Tennessee (H)
11. South Florida
4-0-11015* Kansas (H); OT win at Central Florida
12. Georgia4-1114* Arizona State (A)
13. Ohio State
4-11414* Loss at Southern Cal
14. Utah
5-01517* Michigan (A)
15. Boise State
3-01718* Oregon (A)
16. Florida
3-1126* Lost to Ole Miss (H)
17. Kansas3-11620* Lost to South Florida (A)
18. Virginia Tech
4-12027* Nebraska and UNC (A); lost to ECU (N)
19. Oregon3-1-12326* Loss to Boise St. (H); OT win at Purdue
20. Tulsa4-0T-30 
25* 54.8 ppg
21. Wisconsin
3-11812* Fresno State (A); lost at Michigan
22. Connecticut
4-0-12422* OT win at Temple; remain skeptical
23. Fresno State
2-1-12229* OT win at Toledo; lost to Wisconsin (H)
24. Northwestern
5-0T30NR* Duke (A); Best start since 1962
25. Michigan State
4-127NR* Lost at California
26. Wake Forest
3-12516* Florida State (A); lost to Navy (H)
27. Texas Christian
4-13221* Loss to Oklahoma (A)
28. Vanderbilt4-019NR* Play host to Auburn this week
29. Ball State
5-02930* Navy (H), Indiana (A)
30. Maryland
4-126NR* California (H), Clemson (A)

Patrick Stevens