The Washington Times - September 3, 2008, 08:28AM

Yesterday was not a day for original thinking in terms of story ideas.

And for this, we scribes probably don’t merit much blame.


There have been plenty of expressions of frustration here with the endless quarterback saga in College Park in the last month. Some of the non-stop quarterback questioning was warranted. It is, after all, the quarterback. Some of it was unnecessary.

But when a head coach gives an impassioned defense of a starter who (a) is injured; (b) he won’t fully commit to as a starter in the future; (c) was booed (along with the coach) because of his performance in the opener, well, that becomes the dead-tree edition story.

There’s also the matter of being forced to wait until Tuesday to X-ray quarterback Jordan Steffy’s right thumb because of the holiday. It must be tougher to find a functioning X-ray machine (and accompanying doctor) on Labor Day than it is to uncover anything other than a dry establishment on a Sunday in the Carolinas.

Elsewhere, it’s a lot of the same, since Ralph Friedgen basically dictated the news of the day. Some of the stories are right down the middle. At least one is admiringly prosecutorial in the way it thoroughly lays out the evidence. But they’re all about an identical topic.

* Like this from the Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell.

* And this from the Baltimore Sun‘s Jeff Barker.

* Here’s a take from Baltimore Sun columnist Rick Maese.

* If there are a lot of people reading David Ginsburg‘s AP story on the Canadian Press site, I’d be surprised. Just a hunch: If Maryland football struggles to resonate in the D.C. market, imagine how popular it is north of the border.

You get the idea. While there’s probably another half-dozen or so stories today, there isn’t any variety.

Given the happenings of the day, that’s completely understandable.

—- Patrick Stevens