The Washington Times - September 6, 2008, 05:52PM

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. —- A few notes from a busy day of sightseeing (although there will be plenty more to come tomorrow)…

I faced a tough choice as I tried to make the most of my first trip into Nashville. Play to my own tendencies and visit the home of Andrew Jackson or throw a curveball and visit the home of Tennessee whiskey.


For a guy whose lifetime number of drinks is still in the single digits, a tour of a distillery isn’t the likely choice. But, hey, you only live once —- and, no, there were no free samples in lovely Lynchburg, Tenn. I did pick up this interesting fact: Roughly 60 percent of the cost of a bottle of Jack Daniel’s goes to tax the company has to pay to the local, state and federal governments.

Lynchburg is an interesting two-stoplight town —- tiny, clearly dependent on the distillery and filled with plenty of hospitable people. The pulled pork sandwich at the BBQ Caboose Cafe comes highly recommended, and even if you’re not a huge country music fan, no one could possibly complain about performances both in the town square AND in the restaurant itself.

Anyway, there’s been plenty of tasty food down here as well, and I even unwisely passed up some while visiting the amazing Hillbilly Hilton. I’ll have a full report on this wonder and the friendly Krewe de Blue. The Hillbilly Hilton, by the way, is even more awesome than it looks in the photo on the Krewe’s page.

So in short: A great trip so far, even if everything was crammed into six hours or so.

As for some football stuff, I’ll offer up some game day tidbits here in a little bit.

—- Patrick Stevens