The Washington Times - September 6, 2008, 11:51PM

Ralph Friedgen called it “embarrassing.”

Jeremy Navarre dubbed it “a wake-up call.”


Me, I’d call the 24-14 loss to Middle Tennessee pretty revealing.

Look, the pieces were all in place for a slightly different Maryland team. New offensive coordinator. Tweaked defensive scheme. Plenty of older players.

Instead, this is the same-old, same-old. And is there any reason to believe a team that has scuffled along the last two weeks is going to get substantially better in time to play a California team that blitzed Washington State 66-3 today?

Theoretically, this should be rock bottom. On their worst day, it will be hard for the Terps to fare much worse than this.

In two weeks, things have gone from optimistic to cautious to —- perhaps —- within a minute or two of the doomsday clock.

So let’s toss the question out: What was most troubling about this performance?

A defense that couldn’t stop short passes? Shaky QB play? No sustained drives?

My vote goes to an offensive line that was shredded by a far smaller team.

So what’s the take from outside the blogosphere?

—- Patrick Stevens