The Washington Times - September 7, 2008, 08:41AM

First all, wanted to thank all the folks in Murfreesboro who were so hospitable during the trip into town. I’ll have the highlights of my guided tour through the Hillbilly Hilton a little later on in the day —- maybe tomorrow —- but there are other pressing matters to deal with now. Like flying home and then trying to further grasp just how Maryland played so poorly at Middle Tennessee.

But one of the fun things about meandering about the grass lots filled with RVs and tailgaters was seeing just how excited these fans were to have a major college program in town to play at Middle Tennessee.


They were even happier to collect a victory, the school’s first at home over a BCS-conference opponent.

Anyway, one sign stood out before the game, and it sure seemed prescient once the Blue Raiders were done dusting off their 24-14 victory:


—- Patrick Stevens