The Washington Times - September 7, 2008, 04:56PM

A real quick hitter, because I need to rap out a dead-tree story for our spiffy new absurdly early deadlines. The story was due at 3 p.m. Well, not really, but before long it probably will be.

Anyway, Ralph Friedgen said about what you’d expect him to say the day after an ugly loss. This sort of stuff: Gotta get better. Gotta move on. Etc., etc.


For the members of the Josh Portis Mafia, this tidbit is for you: Ralph said the junior will probably get the chance to handoff and throw a bit more. That would mean he wouldn’t have to wear a target on his jersey every time he enters.

I asked the obligatory Chris Turner question to start things off. The reply? “We all could have probably doen better,” Friedgen said. “Chris has played better. That’s my take.”

Now in the “Burying the Lead” category, safety Terrell Skinner has a high ankle sprain and is doubtful for Saturday’s game against No. 23 California. Antwine Perez would presumably step in, but it should be said Skinner has mostly looked good in the first two weeks. That’s not the sort of injury the Terps really needed.

OK, that’s a little bit to chew on. More to come later.

—- Patrick Stevens