The Washington Times - September 7, 2008, 03:00PM

Here’s this week’s rankings.

As a reminder, adjusted record treats every game that goes to overtime as a tie rather than a win. So as of now, the perception of Tennessee is aided by this system while South Florida is hurt. Them’s the breaks.


AP is this week’s AP ranking; Pvs. is last week’s D1scourse 30 ranking. And starting this week, each team’s notable achievements will be listed. This will be much more useful in a few weeks when some head-to-head performances can help sort the rankings out more accurately.

Anyway, here’s the rundown. California – which is coming to Byrd Stadium on Saturday – and Florida State join the top 30; Cincinnati and South Carolina fall out.

No./TeamAdj. recordAPPvs.Notes/Resume
1. Southern California1-011 
2. Oklahoma2-032* Home win vs. Cincinnati
3. Georgia2-023 
4. Louisiana State1-075* Ppd. vs. Troy
5. Missouri2-066* Neutral win vs. Illinois
6. Ohio State2-054* Injured TB Wells sat out
7. Florida2-047* Pulled away late vs. plucky Miami
8. Texas2-089 
9. Auburn2-0910 
10. Arizona State2-01511* Upended Stanford at home in Pac-10 opener
11. Wisconsin2-01013 
12. Oregon2-01617* 55.0 ppg; Home rout of Washington
13. East Carolina2-01426* Home win: West Virginia; Neutral win: Virginia Tech
14. Alabama2-01114* Neutral win: Clemson
15. Texas Tech2-01215 
16. Kansas2-01319 
17. Penn State2-01725* Home rout of Oregon State
18. Brigham Young2-01812* Road escape at Washington
19. Fresno State1-02118* Road win at Rutgers
20. Utah2-02221* Win at Michigan
21. Wake Forest2-02016* Home escape vs. Ole Miss; road rout of Baylor
22. Illinois1-12422* Neutral loss to Missouri
23. Clemson1-12724* Neutral loss to Alabama
24. California2-023NR* Wins over Michigan State (H) and Wash. State (A)
25. Texas Christian2-0T-3427 
26. South Florida1-0-11920* OT win at Central Florida
27. West Virginia1-1258* Road loss to East Carolina
28. Florida State1-028NR 
29. Virginia Tech1-13628* Neutral loss to East Carolina
30. Tennessee0-0-13029* OT loss at UCLA

Patrick Stevens