The Washington Times - September 8, 2008, 09:10AM

Yes, Murfreesboro is in the rear mirror.

Anyone who was there won’t forget it any time soon.


That’s especially true of Maryland‘s football team.

Today’s dead-tree editions were a chance to sift through the remnants of the Terps’ 24-14 loss. And the wreckage was not pretty.

Ralph Friedgen emphasized yesterday the basic coaching ideals: Learn from your mistakes and move on. And what else could he say? That’s the best course of action for Maryland.

But this won’t leave anyone’s mind anytime soon. This is like the Maryland basketball team’s loss to American; when Gary Williams‘ team was winning tight games in the first half of the conference schedule, thoughts of “They’d be in much better shape if they just could have beaten American at home” always lingered.

If this season goes in the commode, the Middle Tennessee loss will be pointed to as the beginning of the end. And if Maryland somehow bounces back and goes 8-4, it will be said they could have done better if they just showed up against the Blue Raiders.

Anyway, here’s the link to my dead-tree story:

* Don Markus of the Baltimore Sun writes Friedgen is thinking about making changes.

* Eric Detwiler of the Diamondback has his game story in Monday’s edition.

—- Patrick Stevens