The Washington Times - April 15, 2009, 06:44PM

College lacrosse’s top honor —- the Tewaaraton Trophy —- came out with a list of 21 nominees.

Good luck guessing who actually wins the thing.


Since the voting occurs after Memorial Day, a guy from a final four team typically has an edge. But this isn’t like most years, when there isn’t a true dominant team and the difference between No. 4 and No. 15 doesn’t seem to be all that large.

In terms of local and semi-local interest, there are no representatives on the list from Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Maryland, Navy or Towson. UMBC’s Jeremy Blevins and Loyola’s Shane Koppens are on there, along with four players from Virginia (Garrett Billings, Shamel Bratton, Danny Glading and Mike Timms).

Still, it’s a very odd year. Virginia’s best player to date is a long pole (Timms). Syracuse’s best player might just be a do-it-all midfielder who has nine goals in 11 games (Matt Abbott). Hopkins doesn’t even have a rep on the list. Princeton has two legitimate options (Mark Kovler and Jack McBride) who each have their arguments.

Folks, that’s the likely top four seeds if the tournament started today, and here’s guessing the winner would come from none of them.

It could be Colgate attackman Brandon Corp, who only has 30 goals and 23 assists in a dozen games. That’s enough to lead the country in points per game.

Or maybe Duke’s Ned Crotty, who’s emphatically answered who would step into the post-Danowski-and-Greer void and just dropped an eight-point game on Virginia.

Or maybe UMBC midfielder Peet Poillon, an Ohio State transfer who isn’t even one of the 21 guys on that list despite being a huge part of why the Retrievers could land a seed in next month’s tournament (and is really the only obvious name missing at this point).

Or go pick a goalie from a nontraditional power. Any goalie will suffice. (Brown’s Jordan Burke, Notre Dame’s Scott Rodgers, Massachusetts’ Doc Schneider are all possibilities).

It’s not even worth hazarding a guess at this point. There isn’t a Kyle Harrison or Matt Ward or Matt Danowski lurking out there —- just as there isn’t an ‘05 Hopkins or ‘06 Virginia or ‘07 Duke acting as an obvious team to win the whole thing. And that’s what is going to make the next six weeks or so a whole lot of fun.

—- Patrick Stevens