The Washington Times - April 15, 2009, 01:34PM

The ACC had its annual spring teleconference at midday, and there really isn’t a whole lot new to offer up that’s Maryland related.

Really, it was a lot of the same. Ralph Friedgen talked about a youthful team, re-iterating his comment of having 60 of 85 scholarship guys who have three or more years of eligibility left. (The unofficial D1scourse number is 60 of 87, but the point remains valid regardless).


He probably spent as much time talking about his coordinators as anything else —- James Franklin because of the coach-in-waiting deal, and Don Brown because of the philosophical shift the defense will have this season.

How much of a shift?

“It’ll be a lot different,” Friedgen said. “He’s kind of unique with a lot of different things. Our defense is playing really well right now. One of the reasons I decided on Don was because of how different he was.”

In short, Maryland fans are going to see a more aggressive scheme than what they’re accustomed to, and judging from how much former coordinator Chris Cosh was pilloried, it’s what they want. Still, it’ll be curious to see if a lot different in look leads to a lot different in performance once the fall arrives.

—- Patrick Stevens