The Washington Times - April 18, 2009, 09:02PM

After watching Johns Hopkins closely the last two weeks, it’s sort of jarring just how true everything Blue Jays coach Dave Pietramala has insisted all season really is.

The Blue Jays, so long reliant on their defense, have a decent shot at the final four because of their offense.


The Hop put on an impressive display today, getting seven points from Steven Boyle en route to a 15-7 rout of Navy.

“I think all you guys think we want to slow it down and play at a snail’s pace,” Pietramala said. “We don’t.”

Not this year, anyway. It turns out Hopkins has matched its second-best offensive output under Pietramala through its annual mid-to-late April meeting with Navy. That’s better than a pair of Hopkins teams that won national titles (*-eventual NCAA champ; #-eventual final four).

Year Goals Record
2003# 13.6 9-1
2004# 11.9 9-1
2009 11.9 6-4
2005* 10.3 10-0
2001 10.2 6-3
2008# 10.2 5-5
2007* 9.7 6-4
2006 9.5 6-4
2002# 9.4 9-1

Now, a potent offense doesn’t guarantee anything. But it does mean this isn’t necessarily the sort of Hopkins team we’re used to seeing —- and one that shouldn’t be afraid to engage in a shootout with a Virginia or Syracuse or Duke should the postseason situation call for it.

—- Patrick Stevens