The Washington Times - April 20, 2009, 02:15PM

There really are plenty of things to concentrate on when Maryland has its spring game this weekend.

Coach Ralph Friedgen seems pleased with how the spring has gone, though he’s probably less than enthused about losing two starters (Da’Rel Scott and Nolan Carroll) to injury on one play —- even if those are not likely long-term issues.


Those guys, however, aren’t question marks. And the spring, ultimately, is about converting the unknowns at your disposal into near-certainties heading into the fall.

The defense will get its turn tomorrow, but here are five offensive issues worth taking note of the rest of the week.

1. Wide receiver. Maybe things are starting to turn around here after a strong scrimmage from Adrian Cannon, Kevin Dorsey and Torrey Smith, but it has been a worry spot for much of the spring. The best wideout from start to finish? Try Tony Logan, who’s production has far exceeded his fellow receivers in midweek sessions.

2. Right tackle. There’s Paul Pinegar, Tyler Bowen and even R.J. Dill, all lumped together in a big wad of inexperience. How’s this for a fearless forecast: At least two —- and maybe all three —- of those guys will start a game at the position in the fall.

3. Tight end. Theoretically, Lansford Watson should be the favorite for most of the snaps here. But it has the look of a highly fractured timeshare, with Tommy Galt, Matt Furstenburg and Devonte Campbell all with a chance to seize some snaps. Of the four, only Watson was held without a catch in Saturday’s scrimmage.

4. Guard. There’s two vacant spots on the line and it’s anyone’s guess who fills them. One guy who has earned praise somewhat regularly is Andrew Gonnella, a walk-on who checks in at a formidable 6-foot-6 and 305 pounds.

5. Backup quarterback. Still a question, though Jamarr Robinson did quite a bit to silence Friedgen’s grumbling by completing 15 of 19 passes for 253 yards and four touchdowns on Saturday. No one needs a good spring game more than Robinson, who could use a strong finish to solidify a spot behind Chris Turner before the cavalry, er, freshmen QBs arrive.

—- Patrick Stevens