The Washington Times - April 21, 2009, 05:32PM

Apologies for the lag in posting —- just had some extra things to take care of after Ralph Friedgen‘s press conference this afternoon.

No real bombshells or anything, but Friedgen did seem as optimistic as he had at any point in the spring.


About his receivers. About his linebackers. About his offensive line.

About everything, really.

That even spilled into his thoughts on nose tackle/potential academic casualty Dion Armstrong, of whom he said “It’s about 50-50 right now.”

That’s an upgrade from —- and I am paraphrasing here —- he’s probably not going to make it.

Needless to say, Maryland is much better off with an extra defensive lineman in the fold. It could even permit Friedgen to shift A.J. Francis from defense to offense, an idea he’s toying with but almost certainly unwilling to commit to if Francis is in line to start at nose.

In reality, Maryland probably doesn’t have the defensive line depth to permit such a move even if Armstrong returns. The Terps can use all the run-cloggers they can find, and Francis has a chance to fit that bill.

—- Patrick Stevens