The Washington Times - April 22, 2009, 08:33AM

Chris Turner couldn’t help but be impressed.

As last weekend’s scrimmage unfolded, reserve tailback Morgan Green bowled over a defensive back and then outran some pursuing defenders, a reminder the junior could yet be a useful piece in Maryland’s offense next season.


“I think Morgan can be a huge key in this offense,” Turner said. “I think Da’Rel [Scott] gets a lot of the exposure because he’s obviously explosive, but Morgan is actually a big, explosive and fast back.”

If it seems like there’s a story about Green every spring, well, that’s because there is. Including this one today in the dead-tree edition.

Why, especially after a sophomore year in which Green played pretty much only when Scott did not (against Eastern Michigan and before Scott emerged from his punishment for breaking curfew at the Humanitarian Bowl)?

Well, two reasons. One, running backs remain perishable goods, and while Green himself is injury-prone, Scott was banged up for parts of last season as well.

And two, Green just looks the part. He’s 5-foot-11 and 222 pounds (per him), an impressive combination of height and weight that gets forgotten about among the hamstring and quadriceps pulls that have dogged him at Maryland.

There’s always been reason to believe he can be good. And right now, he could be on his way to demonstrating it if he can parlay another good spring into a sound season.

“A big difference is he’s not playing trying to avoid injury,” Turner said. “He’s playing just to play. Whatever happens, happens. You can’t play scared. If he can just play that way, he’ll be fine. I’ve seen a lot out of him, to be honest. He’s probably one of our more improved players.”

—- Patrick Stevens