The Washington Times - April 22, 2009, 01:01PM

It’s been a mildly comical day, simply because of the non-developments in a hilarious non-story.

Namely, Greivis Vasquez‘s “future plans” being unveiled.


I’ve received a couple friendly e-mails from Comcast SportsNet, one saying the junior guard will announce his plans in a Thursday night interview and another saying that interview was scrapped and that CSN will have the word on Vasquez at 6:30 tonight.

Of course, if he simply says what he did six weeks ago —- that he plans to declare for the draft and not hire an agent, which would give him until mid-June to fully make up his mind —- it would indicate absolutely nothing new.

Remember, Maryland never announced he was declaring for the draft, which is standard operating procedure even in the most obvious cases (and even at Maryland, where things have an uncanny way of getting tangled up).

There’s also virtually no incentive for Vasquez to bolt outright at the moment when he can maintain options for the longer term.

So there’s three things that could happen.

One, he could stay, which would go against what he said last month and make no sense for a player of his skills who could use even a couple workouts to get a better gauge on his game.

Two, he could declare and go get an agent, which also limits what is at his disposal.

Three, he could do what he said he would do all along (which would be comical given the hubbub it’s stirred) and simply defer a real decision for another seven or eight weeks.

So maybe something comes out of tonight (or, realistically, the next 24 hours).

Or, more likely, the waiting game will continue, another instance of sound and fury signifying not a whole lot in College Park.

—- Patrick Stevens