The Washington Times - April 23, 2009, 12:31PM

Didn’t roll out of Glen Burnie D1scourse headquarters until a bit later than usual this morning, so there were only six periods of a 24-period session left when I arrived at practice.

Of course, the end was when the notable stuff happened.


Wide receiver Torrey Smith pulled his right hamstring when he landed awkwardly after trying to make a catch in the end zone. That would seem like the sort of thing that would shelve the sophomore for Saturday’s spring game.

Smith was walking —- albeit gingerly —- afterward, so this isn’t a long-term problem. Still, this means we’ll see a little more of Adrian Cannon this weekend at Byrd Stadium.

A few minutes later, right tackle Paul Pinegar banged up a knee, though coach Ralph Friedgen said athletic trainers told him Pinegar would probably be fine.

One guy who will play Saturday is left tackle Bruce Campbell, who has typically been available for Friday and Saturday sessions during the spring. Campbell has been excused from midweek practices to concentrate on academics.

—- Patrick Stevens