The Washington Times - April 23, 2009, 07:41PM

If there’s a position Maryland fans probably take for granted a little bit, it is tight end.

The Terps, after all, have churned out a series of useful guys there this decade: Jeff Dugan, Vernon Davis, Joey Haynos and Dan Gronkowski among them.


But that string might be interrupted a bit this season.

Answers don’t seem to be all that plentiful as spring practice winds to its conclusion. Lansford Watson played some last season. Matt Furstenburg didn’t play on offense at all. Devonte Campbell redshirted. And Tommy Galt was more of a blocking option when he did play.

It isn’t an accomplished group at the college level, and it would seem no one has added much to a minimal list of feats in the last month.

“It’s anybody’s game,” coach Ralph Friedgen said. “I don’t know who’s going to be the starter, and no one seems to want the job, to be honest with you. We’ve given Furstenburg a chance. We’ve given Watson a chance. We’ve give Galt a chance. To me, put them in a bag, shake them up, and whoever comes out plays.”

Here’s guessing Glad and Hefty don’t make a bag that big. But lame jokes aside, the Terps seem like they’re about in the same place as they were a month ago at tight end.

And that was something Friedgen did not want to see.

If last year’s playing time was an indication, a Watson/Galt platoon would seem like the most obvious solution. But if they all are effectively the same, tight end could turn out to be a revolving door position once the fall arrives.

“I was hoping someone would emerge there,” Friedgen said. “Maybe they’re all just about the same. We need to get better at that position, both from a route-running but also from a blocking standpoint.”

—- Patrick Stevens