The Washington Times - April 25, 2009, 03:59PM

Adrian Cannon‘s surge has continued in the spring game.

The Maryland wide receiver has a 30-yard touchdown pass as the Red (first-team offense) squad is tied 7-7 after a quarter on the White (first-team defense) team.


Kenny Tate has an interception of Jamarr Robinson in the most significant defensive play. That set up Mike Barbour‘s missed 26-yard field goal.

The best of the offensive reserves has been Quintin McCree, who just caught a 58-yard score from Robinson.

Some quick, unofficial stats:


Turner: 4-5-84-TD

Green 4-25, Braxton 1-12, Douglas 2-1

Cannon: 3-53


Robinson: 3-5-73-TD-INT

Meggett: 2-2

—- Patrick Stevens