The Washington Times - April 3, 2009, 09:48AM

DETROIT —- I’ve held off on knocking an economically depressed area while it’s down, but a rainy day sure isn’t making Detroit look any better.

It is making the Caesar’s across the river in Windsor look a whole lot better —- and I don’t gamble.


But you know who does? Ty Lawson, who’s apparently really good at it. And you know who should be making a big deal about it? Absolutely no one.

Lawson, who is 21, went to a casino, legally played craps and won $250. Good for him.

And let’s suppose, somehow, he lost $1,000. Here’s guessing he’d be able to account for such a setback when he signs his first pro endorsement contract.

Yes, there’s always concerns about betting on games, which does remain a no-no for a participant. But if it’s legal and doesn’t have a big effect on anything (and $250 certainly shouldn’t), then Lawson or anyone else doesn’t warrant the puritanical hand-wringing he’s received from some while he’s been here.

—- Patrick Stevens