The Washington Times - April 6, 2009, 05:14PM

DETROIT — Sorry all for the technical delays today. There definitely is stuff to get to, but Ted Stevens’ series of tubes just aren’t getting the job done.

Anyway, it’s amusing just how many people think tonight’s national title game is a David-vs.-Goliath setup. Regardless of that 35-point game in December, Michigan State has a chance. A decent one.

Now, Tom Izzo’s right. If good North Carolina and good Michigan State show up, good North Carolina will win. But Sparty’s here precisely because they’ve made teams play somewhere between competent (Southern Cal) and poor (Louisville). So it could happen.

The guess here is North Carolina 74-71, with the prayer Jim Nantz doesn’t worship Tyler Hansbrough the way Thom Brennaman idolized Tim Tebow in the BCS title game in January. But a title would be a fitting final flourish for Psycho T, and seeing a highly decorated player return and win a championship would probably be good for the college game.

But Michigan State has more than a prayer. And it would be no shock at all if Magic Johnson was smiling very wide indeed around 11:30 tonight.

— Patrick Stevens