The Washington Times - August 10, 2009, 06:56PM

One of the new twists to Maryland’s media day festivities was name tags for the media.



That doesn’t seem like fun, on the surface. And it makes sense for Maryland to roll them out, since (a) it’s the only time reporters mill about the locker room all year and (b) it’s the only time there’s a gaggle of reporters so large for football in CP.

But if you’re around the team all the time, the name tag is sort of superfluous; most guys know who you are already.

So for a bit of fun (in fairness, not immediately when I got the name tag), I asked WNST’s Glenn Clark to scrawl “, Esq.” after my name. He didn’t seem particularly proud to be doing so.

It went mostly unnoticed, until the ever-vigilant Richard Taylor said to me “I didn’t know you had a J.D.”

Sadly, no, or else I’d probably be in another line of work. But for being so eagle-eyed, Taylor got to enjoy a good laugh as I smirked at my own immaturity.

Alas, media day is over, the name tag is off. My days as a make-believe barrister are over —- well, at least until basketball media day.

—- Patrick Stevens