The Washington Times - August 12, 2009, 10:47AM

Ralph Friedgen took for-ever yesterday to return to the Gossett team house after practice.

The reason? He was watching freshman Nick Ferrara work on kicking drills.


“I think I make him nervous,” the Maryland coach said. “I told him ‘I plan on being there on Saturday, so you better get used to it.’”

(This, of course, is something Ralph always seems to relish —- though he corrected me when I asked if he liked seeing those nerves.

“I don’t like him being nervous,” Friedgen said. “I like for me to try to make him nervous and then not be nervous. That’s what I’d like.”)

Anyway, Friedgen said holdovers Mike Barbour and Nick Wallace are head of Ferrara at this stage, which isn’t too much of a surprise. While he’d like to make a decision quickly, Friedgen said it probably would happen until two weeks into camp.

Much of what Ferrara is facing is an adjustment to the speed of the college game. And then there’s the matter of acclimating to new teammates with a vested interest in how he performs.

“He has to do up-downs if he doesn’t get it there,” Friedgen said. “It’s a great way to win friends and influence people, because the holder and the snapper are doing those up-downs with him. I left them, they were just waiting and they said ‘Better improve before we put pads on.’”

—- Patrick Stevens